About Us


The PicknLearn platform is a simple mobile application whose primary aim is to ensure that you learn at your own pace. We aim to deliver a personalized teaching & learning experience through our cutting edge mobile application. By establishing a hassle-free personalized platform, the application helps link students and tutors with each other.

The platform works on two major fronts. 

A Freelance tutoring platforms for all tutors, trainers, educators & educational & extracurricular service providers. The location-based application enables tutors to post their classes along with the number of available spots per time slots while. And also choose from a home tutoring, visiting, or an online service through PicknLearn’s very own online tutoring platform. 

Marketplace for students & parents looking for a personalized learning experience. The students/parents could enroll for classes as per their preference and convenience with any tutor of their choosing as per their convenience. If in case the requirement is not available they could post a class request that will notify all qualified tutors in the surrounding of their requirement and the tutors would get in touch with them to provide the service as per their preferred method of learning. 

Why choose us?

We provide a personalization factor to your future learning experience, where you can choose the right tutor that fits your needs and not the needs of the collective group. Fast and optimized selection process and a speedy road to learn the skills necessary for your future instead of waiting in line is what we ought to offer.

Our Vision

We seek to kindle and keep aflame the burning desire of learning in students of all ages, sector, nationalities and races. Learning should be accessible and we try to be here to make sure it is done correctly. We offer a dynamic and empowering learning experience. Simultaneously, we strive in budding and transforming the quality of tutors who are on board with us in allowing them to spread the light of knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the upcoming unconventional education industry by taking on the role of a seamless facilitator between students with a burning desire to grasp various skills and tutors itching to hand over their baton.


Our Founders

We aim to deliver world-class educational services at your fingertips. Accessibility affordability and transparency is our company motto.

Vishva Palitharathna


Picknlearn bridges the gap between learning and learned through our pioneering mobile application and our online tutoring platform.

OShada Palitharathna


Join our Team

At PicknLearn, we believe that our team is what bring this application to life. Fellowships are an incredible opportunity for you to be a part of the PicknLearn Team, and we provide you with mentorships, unconventional approaches to work, and responsibilities that aren’t your typical internship experience. Plus you could work remotely from anywhere in the world, this means that you’ll literally be working in a global workspace

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